Le Jardin Mystique
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December 16, 2002

Le Jardin Mystique is an ADULTS ONLY BDSM MUCK, a forum for roleplay and exploration socially and sexually. Based in a world of enchantment, magic, and fantasy, we welcome all forms, furry, humanoid, or otherwise. All users must be over the age of 18. If you are concerned about privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

While the theme is based on BDSM, that is, Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and submission, and Sadism and Masochism, roleplay of all sorts is encouraged and areas to evoke roleplay will develop and grow as the world does.

Getting Started
If you are unfamiliar with what a MUCK is generally, or BDSM in particular, we suggest you visit the Support Section first, then, if needed, do a search using your favourite search engine and read up a bit. Or, alternately, we have provided some useful links on our Links Section for your enjoyment and perusal. The information contained within those links should provide enough background to get you started.

Since this MUCK is strictly for adults, there is some required reading for those interested in joining Le Jardin Mystique MUCK. We suggest you look at the Policies of this MUCK before deciding if this MUCK will fit your particular needs.

Before you connect to Le Jardin Mystique MUCK, please read through the pages mentioned above until you understand the nature and rules of this world. NOTE: if you do not understand the policies of Le Jardin Mystique, you can connect and ask a wiz or HelpStaff member. To find out who is a wizard, type wizzes once you have connected or to find out who is available as HelpStaff, type helpstaff. If no wiz or member of HelpStaff is present, ask your fellow players. Then, all you need to do is connect to:
lejardin.org:6969 ( port 6969)
Or click here to autoconnect using
your default telnet client:
Upon connection, type the following command:
connect guest guest

Notices (As of 16.12.2002 )
No planned activities at this time

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