Le Jardin Mystique

Adult Activities
IC: In Character (Virtual mode -the character being played)
OOC: Out of Character (Real Life mode -the player behind the character)
RL: Real Life (Life outside the domain of the MUCK)

Both the theme and nature of Le Jardin Mystique MUCK is the exploration of BDSM in practice and idea. This means sexual activity, bondage, discipline, domination, submission, etc. in one form or another is a common occurrence. Le Jardin is set up to be a safe place to practice this activity (and many others). You should expect to see these types of activities and, at the very least, ignore it if you desire to remain in public places.

There are a few general rules that should be followed both by the practitioner and those viewing the activity when such activity takes place in public. They are as follows:

  • Read the signs for the area, if available, to see what is and is not allowed there. Some public areas have limitations on what activities are acceptable for that area. Many private residences opened to the public have their own special guidelines as to what is and is not allowed there. Failure to adhere to the rules of a private, but accessible, space will be considered a form of harassment.
  • Safewords will be respected in all cases
  • Certain types of play are not to be performed in central meeting places (i.e. Capitol, La Place, et.al.):
    • Bloodsports
    • Non-Consensual play
    • Scat/watersports
    • Extreme forms of humiliation and violence
  • Do not disrupt or involve yourself in a scene unless you are invited, OOCly or ICly (ask if unsure)
  • You are expected to be tolerant of other's activities and the many expressions thereof. It's fine to say a fetish is not your fetish, but you will respect other's right to practice that fetish. Intolerance is considered a form of harassment and will not be tolerated
  • As per many policies here, OOC consent is required for any BDSM-based activity, public or private

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