Le Jardin Mystique
Alternate Characters
Many MU*s do not necessarily limit character alts. For the safety, security and privacy of all, as well for richer RP experiences, alternate characters are limited on Le Jardin Mystique. Previously, the alt limit was set at six alts per character (including the main character). This policy has recently been changed, however. Please note the following in regards to alt characters on this MUCK:
  • All new character creations have a limit of three total characters
  • All characters created prior to 10 October 2002 retain their six character limitation, whether they decide to change the name of any alt and 'reinvent' them, as it were, or not. It is strongly recommended those characters prune down their alternate characters to the standard three, however
  • If your Real Life (RL) household has more than three people connecting at any given time (roommates, family, friends, etc.), each character connecting has the option of choosing three characters. Please notify a wiz when registering your characters so they are aware of the situation and can make the appropriate notation
  • In cases such as AOL and other ISPs that do not limit the number of email addresses you have, we do email and IP checks on characters. If you are discovered to have misled the wizcorps or any member thereof in the registration of your character, all of your alternates will be summarily @toaded and no further alternate characters will be allowed from your IP address block.

If you believe you can circumnavigate this policy, rest assured the wizcorps will find out, and the appropriate punitive action taken, up to and including @toading of all your characters.

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