Le Jardin Mystique

Consent Policy
IC: In Character (Virtual mode -the character being played)
OOC: Out of Character (Real Life mode -the player behind the character)
RL: Real Life (Life outside the domain of the MUCK)

One of the cornerstones of BDSM and good MUCKing is the idea of consensuality. Consensuality in short means that all parties engaged in an activity or scening are in agreement regarding the activity in question. This means that everyone when scening with someone else needs to have consent from the other party(ies).

Playing without consent is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and is classified as assault and harassment and will definitely not be tolerated. Get permission by negotiating beforehand with anyone involved or, if it's a scene on the fly, ask via page or whisper for OOC consent. Just because the character might like the activity in theory or according to their wixxx, OOC consent is of ultimate importance. Even during play, MUCK safewords should be used. (see Safewords Policy).

Nonconsensual play must also be consensual. For some, this can be confusing. It means that some players and/or characters enjoy nonconsensual play, and that is fine, but you still need to have OOC consent for IC nonconsent to be legal. Some zones may be indicated as nonconsensual areas. By entering a nonconsent area (and they WILL be clearly marked as such) you imply OOC consent to nonconsensual play. Don't be surprised if very nearly anything happens to you in a nonconsent area. Just about anything could.

In addition to this policy file, read the Safewords Policy.

If you feel you have been involved in a scene where your OOC consent was not given, the following steps must be taken before talking to wiz:

  1. Whisper or Page the person OOCly that you require the activity to cease immediately and/or use a safeword.
  2. If the activity continues, make a log file and send it to a wiz, leave the situation immediately.
  3. Only if the previous steps have been taken can a wiz intervene on your behalf.

For those players who have committed an act without OOC consent and the matter is brought before a wiz, the following steps may be taken. If the offense is severe enough, the first steps may be skipped altogether and proceed directly to @toad:

  1. Verbal warning from a wiz
  2. @newpassword the character for not less than 30 days and not longer than 6 months
  3. Immediate punitive @toad

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