Le Jardin Mystique
Policy Index
This is an index of the various policy files found under this section of the website. If you are a player, you are expected to know, understand and follow the Player Policies as well as the AUP. If you are a member of HelpStaff, you are not only expected to know, understand and follow the player policies and AUP, but the HelpStaff Policies as well. Wizards need to know everything, including an abiding understanding of the letter and spirit of the Wiz Policies.

These policies represent a contractual agreement between the administrators of this MUCK and the users of the services provided by the MUCK. While the AUP is an overview of the overall legal aspects of this contract, each policy is, in and of itself, binding.

The purpose of these policies is to create a world that is safe, secure, and enjoyable by providing guidelines for what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior on the MUCK. The policies also enforce the theme of the MUCK by providing specific social policies in regard to what is to be expected from players and their characters.

Policy Index
Wizard Policies Policies governing the Wizcorps
HelpStaff Policies Policies governing HelpStaff
Mucker/MUF Policies governing MUF programming on the MUCK
Copyright Policy Policies governing copyright and intellectual property
Player Policies Index of Player Policies

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy for this MUCK

Harassment Policy

The Harassment and Abuse Policy for the MUCK


Consentuality agreement and policy


Safeword use policy for the MUCK


Policy of underage characters on the MUCK

Adult Activities

Policy regarding sex on the MUCK
Alternates Policy regarding alternate characters on the MUCK


The MUCK's Building Policy


The theme of the MUCK

Social Classes

Social classes on the MUCK

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