Le Jardin Mystique
Player Polices
The player polices on Le Jardin Mystique are designed to detail the expectations of behavior on the MUCK. A brief explanation is given fro each policy below.
Policy Guide

Acceptable Use Policy

The legally binding document outlining the Terms of Service and the Acceptable Use of that service. Failure to follow the AUP has serious consequences for your character here and can lead to RL legal action being taken against you. Be sure to read and understand this document in its entirety. Any questions should be directed to a Head Wiz.

Harassment Policy

This policy outlines the expected behaviors of players on the MUCK. It outlines what are not considered acceptable forms of communication. Failure to follow this policy can have serious consequences.


In order to make our world safe and enjoyable for all, there are certain guidelines that must be fulfilled to ensure the safety of all. Consent is not only a cornerstone of BDSM, but a cornerstone of good MUCKing as well. Failure to adhere to this policy also has serious consequences.


The Safeword policy is an extension of the consent policy, but is more broad in scope. The safeword policy is primarily intended to offer players a means of expressing caution and cessation without necessarily destroying a scene in play. It can also be used to deny OOC consent to any activity. Due to the fundamental nature of this policy, infractions will not be tolerated.


This is an important policy on what is and is not allowed for those players who wish to represent themselves as under the age of consent. Due to the possible legal ramifications of underage play, failure to adhere to this policy will result in serious consequences.

Adult Activities

This policy explains the nature of sexual activity on Le Jardin Mystique and the limitations of sexual activity in public places.
Alternates This policy explains the limitation on alternate characters (alts)


This policy seeks to maintain uniformity among all public building on the MUCK. Not only does this aid in keeping the database efficient, it also helps maintain the suspension of disbelief. Failure to abide by this policy can be serious, but every attempt is made to work out an equitable solution. Since most policy infractions occur with building, it required you read and understand this policy in its entirety.


The theme of Le Jardin Mystique MUCK is fairly simple and straightforward. Like the Building Policy, it seeks to provide an all-inclusivegoal to the world and those who live in it. The theme represents the core of the MUCK from which all other things are derived.

Social Classes

This policy, as it were, is an extension of the theme and builds on the idea of this being a BDSM MUCK. It explains more fully how the world operates and the types of characters allowed on the MUCK as well as what is expected from each type of character in so far as keeping with the theme is involved.

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