Le Jardin Mystique
Safeword Policy
IC: In Character (Virtual mode -the character being played)
OOC: Out of Character (Real Life mode -the player behind the character)
RL: Real Life (Life outside the domain of the MUCK)

One important component of BDSM in idea and practice is safewords. The cornerstone of BDSM is the idea of "Safe, Sane, and Consensual" and while in this medium safe and sane don't have to apply the same way they do in RL, consensuality applies as much, if not more than, the way it applies in RL (see Consent Policy). Above and beyond the idea of OOC consent being necessary for every scene, safewords provide assistance in controlling a scene in which consent has already been granted (although this is by no means the exclusive use of the safeword policy).
A safeword is a verbal indicator of ongoing consent, or withdrawal thereof. For consistency and ease of use, this policy will adopt the most common safewords used in BDSM. A list follows, with an explanation of each:
  • Red - This means 'stop'. Stop -now-. Step away from the situation or scene and discuss.
  • Yellow - This means 'slow down'. Approaching a limit, proceed with caution.
  • Green - This means 'go'. Everything is fine, all is well, go right on ahead.
The best way to check a safeword is either vocally or by means of a whisper or page asking, "What color are you?" This applies to the 'top' in a scene. Any participant in a scene may voice discomfort, approach of a limit, or crossing of a limit by using the safewords. Red, used by anyone, in the connotation of a safeword, signals an immediate cease and desist order of any activity. The use of the term 'safeword' itself implies that a player has invoked the policy and that the current activity should cease immediately.

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