Le Jardin Mystique

IC: In Character (Virtual mode -the character being played)
OOC: Out of Character (Real Life mode -the player behind the character)
RL: Real Life (Life outside the domain of the MUCK)

As in any well-organized MUCK, there is a central theme: something to make it all make sense and be generally cohesive. This applies here as well. We are at base and heart a BDSM MUCK. Themes of Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism abound. If you find these themes distasteful, this forum is not for you.

The theme of this MUCK deals with slavery, slaves, and those that own them. Thus, certain conventions of naming, display of ownership, and standards of behavior must be followed.

  • Naming
    All Free Citizens will have a capitalized name, while slaves or those hoping for ownership will have lowercase names. Slaves shall also show their Owner's name in their wixxx and species settings enclosed in brackets {} (see 'registry #help' for more information on how to accomplish this). This is to eliminate confusion. Example: Tara is owned by Bob. In her wixxx and species, it would read {Bob} to show his ownership.
  • Display
    All slaves should have some item of ownership upon them, whether it be a collar (which is most common), a bracelet, cuff, etc. A tag on the item should indicate who owns them, or if no one does (again, see 'registry #help' on how to accomplish this).
  • Behavior
    Slaves with owners fall within the realm of their owner with regard to use. Unauthorized use or abuse of another owner's slave can lead to IC trouble.
    • Slaves with no owner can be used by any Free Citizen, within the bounds of OOC consent (see the Consent Policy). This does not mean that a public slave is a freely usable sex toy, every player has the right to decide with whom they RP, TS, or play, OOCly, you can always use a safeword (see Safewords Policy)

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