Le Jardin Mystique

Wizard Rules, Guidelines and Policies
16.12.2002 –Thanatos rev.0.9

Document Contents
  1. General Overview
  2. Hierarchy within the Wizcorps
    1. Head wizzes
    2. Department heads
    3. Other wizzes
  3. Responsibilities
    1. Head wizzes
    2. Department Heads (by speciality)
    3. Other wizzes
    4. All wizzes
    5. OnDuty/OffDuty Policy
  4. Rules
    1. Limitations of power
    2. Confidentiality of Information
    3. Player Interaction
      1. Dealing With Other Players
      2. Abuse
      3. Conflicts
      4. AUP policy violations
    4. @pcreates
    5. Abuse of power
  5. Considerations
1. General Overview
The guidelines, policies and rules outlined here are meant to encourage safe and private play on the MUCK as well as providing a secure and efficient chain of command within the administrative structure. These guidelines should serve as an Order of Operations in case of policy infractions as well as defining what is and is not acceptable wiz behavior. Any questions or comments are encouraged and can be directed to the Head Wiz(zes).

This document is considered binding, and by continuing to remain a wiz or to become a new wiz implies you have read and understood this document and all policies of this MUCK in their entirety.

Currently, the list of wizzes is as follows:

Taclis Head Wiz, Head Building Wiz
epona Head Programming Wiz
phanta Head Player Relations Wiz
Bastian Rules Wiz
aislinn Building Wiz
Rhun Programming Wiz
Threnody Server Admin Wiz


2. Hierarchy within the Wizcorps
The Wizcorps should not be considered a democratic arrangement among wiz players. There is an existing hierarchy within the wizcorps that allows us to be more efficient and responsible for the happenings on the MUCK. This hierarchy is represented as follows:
  1. Head Wiz(zes)
  2. Department Heads:
    1. Head Programming Wizard
    2. Head Building Wizard
    3. Head Player Relations Wizard
  3. Wizard Classes:
    1. Programming Wizard
    2. Building Wizard
    3. Player Relations Wizard
3. Responsibilities of Each Hierarchical Classification:
The responsibilities of each wizard are defined below. This is not an all-inclusive list, by any means, but a set of guidelines that must be maintained by each respective member of the Wizcorps. Department Heads are responsible for the actions of all wizards immediately under them. Likewise, Head Wiz(zes) are responsible for the actions of all Department Heads.
  1. Head wiz(zes) [top]
    1. Keep the MUCK legally and structurally solvent
    2. Investigate gross infractions of policy
    3. Investigate complaints against wizzes (unless a conflict of interest exists)
    4. Perform *all* @toads, punitive or otherwise
    5. Approve all programs before and after installation
    6. Appoint and retire wizzes
    7. Appoint HelpStaff based on recommendations and interview
    8. Appoint RPStaff based on recommedations and interview
    9. Create and maintain wizrules and the AUP
    10. Mediate and enforce wizrules
    11. Grant or deny Mucker bits based on the Head Programming Wizard's recommendation
    12. Review server log files when appropriate
    13. Meet regularly with Department Heads
    14. Attend other meetings as required
  2. Department Heads [top]
    1. Head Programming Wizard
      1. Ensure proper program installation
      2. Remove or repair security holes in the muck as they become apparent.
      3. Maintain and create (where necessary) MUF policy
      4. Investigate complaints against muckers in which possible abuse of the mucker bit has occurred
      5. Maintain and upgrade (as needed) global muck programs
      6. Maintain a list of global muck programs (plib et.al.)
      7. Deny access to programs that may be used for abuse or other malicious acts
      8. Deny access to programs not listed in plib
      9. Mediate and enforce MUF policy up to (but not including) punitive @toad
      10. Meet regularly with programming wizard(s)
    2. Head Building Wizard
      1. Maintain an overall awareness of the building within the world
      2. Inspect all buildings prior to being linked to the grid and recommend solutions to the owners of those buildings
      3. Mediate and enforce the building policy up to (but not including) punitive @toad
      4. Review, approve or deny requests for large-impact public buildings
      5. Assist builders with questions concerning building, technique, or global building programs
      6. Investigate complaints concerning MPI and enforce coding policy
      7. Promote building excellence
      8. Assist the Head Player Relations Wizard with HelpStaff issues as necessary
      9. Meet regularly with building wizard(s)
    3. Head Player Relations Wizard
      1. Be aware of the status of 'helpstaff', 'rpstaff' and 'wizlist' members
      2. Be fully aware of *all* policies on the MUCK
      3. Assist in any policy violation investigation
      4. Mediate in conflicts between policy and situations outside existing policy
      5. Handle or direct Helpstaff and RPStaff members needing further assistance
      6. Act as liaison between HelpStaff, RPStaff and the Wizcorps
      7. Create and modify RPStaff policy as needed
      8. Mediate and enforce HelpStaff and RPStaff policy up to (but not including) punitive @toad
      9. Mediate and enforce MUCK policy up to (but not including) punitive @toad
      10. Investigate complaints against HelpStaff and RPStaff members
      11. Coordinate and implement player activities
      12. Meet regularly with HelpStaff and RPStaff members
      13. Meet regularly with PR wizard(s)
  3. Other Wizzes [top]
    All other wizzes are expected to follow the above in accordance to the tasks and duties outlined by their respective department head. Department Head Wizzes will clarify these rules and limit wizard powers and duties or expand them as they see fit. All questions and concerns should be brought forth to the Department Head unless such questions and concerns represent a conflict. In such cases where there is a conflict between a Department Head and a wiz, the matter can be brought to another Department Head Wiz or the Head Wiz(zes) themselves.
  4. All Wizzes [top]
    1. Character creation, answering questions, or deferring players to an appropriate wiz
    2. Receive and handle complaints or delegating to an appropriate authority
    3. Uphold all MUCK policy
    4. Assisting players with requests for aid
    5. Provide an example of professionalism and cooperation to the player base
    6. Maintain impartiality in *all* cases (see Player Interaction rules)
    7. Step back from any situation in which you cannot be impartial or represents a conflict of interest
    8. Nominate new wizards for consideration
    9. Be completely familiar with MUCK policies
    10. Always act for the benefit of the MUCK and the players
  5. OnDuty/OffDuty Policy [top]
    Wizards going out in public who are doing so purely for the purposes of being social are required to set themselves OffDuty for the period of time they are thus engaged. OnDuty should be used for those periods when wizards are working or performing other tasks as agents of the MUCK.

Failure to perform these tasks as expected will lead to the following schedule of punishments:

  1. First offense: Warning from a Head Wiz
  2. Second offense: Warning and inquiry into reasons why tasks are not being performed
  3. Third offense: Removal of wizbit for a set period of time not to exceed three months
  4. Fourth offense: Permanent removal of wizbit
4. Rules Governing the Wizcorps
  1. Limitations [top]
    1. Wizzes shall not use programs and other information that is considered to be accessible only to wizzes in a manner inconsistent with their intended use.
    2. Non-Head Wiz(zes) are excluded from performing punitive @toad and site-bans
    3. Wizzes shall not disseminate privileged information (see below for clarification)
    4. Non-Head Wiz(zes) are excluded from server database searches
    5. Non-Head Wizzes are excluded from appointing new wizards or HelpStaff positions
    6. Wizzes shall not compromise the security of any player, the MUCK, or any object therein
    7. Wizzes shall not compromise the privacy of any player in any way using any method
  2. Confidentiality of Information: [top]
    1. Reasoning
      One of the key components in building confidence and trust among the player base is the reasonable guarantee of confidentiality of information. The player base as a whole and in part must feel secure that private information will never be shared outside what is absolutely necessary in the administration of the MUCK. Any and all information about players, wizards, or the MUCK dbase gained through the use of any of the following is considered wiz-only and is privileged (this list should not be considered all-inclusive):
      1. Wizard-only programs and the information obtained from their use
      2. The server database or any logging tool that is not publicly accessible
      3. Communication between players revealing information given in confidence whether that wiz is acting as an official agent of the MUCK or not (you are always an official agent of the MUCK)
      4. Off-MUCK information shared via email and/or other electronic communication mediums such as Instant Messenger programs, IRC, etc.
      5. Communication with other wizards or staff
    2. Standards
      Any information obtained, but not limited to, the above shall not be shared with *anyone* outside the wizcorps. Such information will be shared among wizzes for official purposes only. To do otherwise would be a violation of the AUP and will be punishable according to the schedule of punishments listed below.
    3. Exceptions
      There are certain cases where information can be shared (again, this list should not be considered all-inclusive):
      1. Planned activities and MUCK/server maintenance
      2. Non-privileged information as defined by, "Information that can and will be discovered by any member of the player base in a public manner and/or information that is useful to the entire player base that does not disclose private information."
      3. Information specifically directed at an individual by use of that individual (i.e. giving lost dbref #s to the owner of the object, etc.)
      4. Information deemed appropriate for specific or general dissemination by the Head Wiz(zes)
    4. Schedule of Punishments
      First Offense: Immediate toading of character without notice.
  3. Player Interaction [top]
    1. Dealing With Other Players [top]
      Always, and without question, be professional in your dealings with other players. Inevitably you will encounter a player who, for whatever reason, is not nice. The wrong way to deal with a player who is rude, brutish, nasty, obnoxious, and mean is to return the behavior, make threats, call names, etc. Be polite and civil in all cases, as you will invariably maintain control of the situation if you do. If the person becomes verbally or even 'physically' abusive (see below for more on what constitutes abuse), tell them OOCly (via page or whisper, and do so firmly, but politely, to cease. If they continue, you may take any of the following actions:
      1. Head Wiz(zes)
        1. @boot the player with a warning not to return until they have calmed down, making a note in the wizlog regarding the action
        2. @newpassword the player and make a note in wizlog
        3. @toad the character
      2. Department Heads
        1. Make a log file and submit it to a Head Wiz
        2. @boot the player with a warning not to return until they have calmed down, making a note in the wizlog regarding the action
        3. @newpassword the player and make a note in wizlog
        4. Recommend possible punitive @toading to a Head Wiz
      3. All other wizzes
        1. Make a log file and submit it to your Department Head
        2. @boot the player from the MUCK explaining to them the situation will be reviewed by a Head Wiz
        3. If they reconnect and the behavior continues (after you have @booted them):
          1. Explain they will be newpassworded if they reconnect again and @boot them
          2. If they reconnect again, and the behavior continues, you may @newspassword them notifying your Department Head Wiz or a Head Wiz
    2. Abuse [top]
      1. Definition
        The act of "Abuse" on this MUCK falls under the umbrella of the harassment policy. The legal definition of harassment is, "a course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such a person and serves no legitimate purpose." Hence a player threatening a wiz OOCly in any way, making slurs of any kind regarding any facet of a wiz's player (i.e. sex, race, religion, sexual preference) or any obvious sexual advance (without OOC consent) is considered harassment. It must be directed to a specific group or person and be malicious in nature.

        In the definition of harassment, the key word is "substantial." Someone calling you an 'asshole' or 'bitch' in a volatile situation is not reasonably considered to cause substantial emotional distress. Someone saying, 'All fags, including you, should be killed' or, 'You fucking Christians should all be placed against the wall and shot' is considered a mild form of harassment. Stronger forms of harassment include, but are not limited to, the following
        1. Statements of RL threat
        2. Insults, taunts or challenges committed with the intent to provoke violent or disorderly response
        3. Communication using offensive or alarming language that has been requested to cease
        4. Sexual advances made without prior OOC consent
        5. Violence in any form without OOC consent
        6. Non-consensual acts of sex or violent aggression
      2. Actions
        1. Cases of Mild Harassment
          If a player notifies a wiz that they have been harassed, the following steps are to be taken.
          1. Have the player inform the offending player to cease immediately OOCly with page or whisper
          2. Have the player send you a log file of the incident (review immediately to determine level of harassment)
          3. If the behavior does not cease after 1., review the log for an infraction meeting the definition above and, if warranted, contact the offending player OOCly and require they cease immediately
          4. If the behavior continues @boot the offending player and send a log to a Head Wiz
          5. If the player returns and does not continue the behavior, inform them they have been reported to a Head Wizard who will review the logs and decide on an appropriate punitive action
          6. If the player returns and continues the behavior, @newpassword them immediately
        2. Cases of Moderate to Severe Harassment
          1. Have the player inform the offending player to cease immediately OOCly with page or whisper
          2. Have the player send you a log file of the incident (review immediately to determine level of harassment)
          3. After determining the level of harassment to be moderate or severe, @boot the offending player, @newpassword them immediately, and submit the log and any other relevant info (time of occurrence) to a Head Wiz
        3. Cases of Severe Sexual Harassment
          If a player is or has committed a rape or other gross infraction of the harassment policy, the following steps should be taken.
          1. @boot the offending player immediately
          2. Request a log file from the victim. If one is not readily available, gather facts about the incident (i.e. time, place, and who involved) and submit that to a Head Wiz
          3. @newpassword the offending player
        4. Note:
          Some latitude is given to interpret the level of harassment here. If in doubt, consult a Head Wiz before @newpasswording a player. The idea in all cases of harassment is to 1), protect the player being harassed and 2), end the harassment. A non-Head Wiz may not perform a punitive @toad in any circumstance.
    3. Conflicts [top]
      1. Wizzes and Players
        Occasionally, wizards will get into a situation where a conflict of interest exists between a wizard and members of the player base. This can take two forms: A conflict of interest in which there is a conflict between you and a player or group of players and a conflict of interest in which you are mated or friends with a player (or group of players). In both cases, you must recuse yourself from participating in any official capacity if you feel you cannot be objective, dispassionate and impartial. Failure to do so will lead to the following schedule of punishments:
        1. First offense: warning from a Head Wiz and possible wizbit removal for a set period of time.
        2. Second offense: permanent removal of wizbit and/or @toad depending on circumstance.
      2. Wizzes and other wizzes
        Rarely, a conflict will exist between wizzes. In this case, The matter is to be brought before the Head Wiz(zes) for mediation. If the conflict involves a Head Wiz, it is to be brought before another Head Wiz, if possible. If it is not possible to bring the matter before a Head Wiz, the matter will be brought before the Department Heads for non-binding arbitration.
    4. AUP Violations [top]
      AUP violations are more severe than other violations due to the legal aspects of the AUP and the ramifications it has for the MUCK and the administrators of this MUCK. All AUP violations must therefore be handled appropriately. Excepting the case of Harassment and Illegal Activities, AUP violations must be handled in accordance to the schedule below.
      1. Notify the player they cease immediately and notify a Head Wiz with a log and notes
      2. If the activity continues, @boot the player informing them beforehand not to log on until such time as a Head Wiz emails them (verify their email address if possible)
      3. If the player returns before being contacted by a Head Wiz, @newpassword them and send a notice to a Head Wiz
      4. NOTE: In cases involving activities against the law as outlined in the AUP, @newpassword the player immediately and send a detailed report and/or log to a Head Wiz. Failure to follow the order of punishments outlined above will result in the following schedule of punishments:
        1. First offense where player did not commit and illegal act: permanent removal of wizbit
        2. First offense where player did commit an illegal act: immediate, @toad
  4. @pcreates [top]
    1. Overview:
      Since player creations have RL legal implications, the responsibility associated with this task cannot be understated. Three things must accompany Player creations always:
      • A statement they are over the age of 18 or the age required by their location to access and partake in adult oriented material, whichever is greater.
      • A character name
      • A valid, non-freemail email address. This can sometimes be confusing since so many email addresses exist. The easiest way to check whether an email address is freemail or not is to do a web search on the domain name (the part *after* the '@' symbol. For instance, Pervis gives you an email address of pervis@email.com. You think it may be a free-mail address, but want to be certain. The easiest way to check is to go to www.email.com and see if you can get a free email account there. And yes, indeed, you can. It is exceedingly important, should you have any doubts, to refer the @pcreate to another wiz rather than either alienating a player or registering a player under a freemail address.
    2. Instructions:
      1. A player will contact you about needing a character
      2. Have the player provide you with the following information:
        • A statement they are over the age of 18 or legal age for their location, whichever is greater
        • Character name
        • A non-freemail email address
      3. Check the email address to ensure it is a non-freemail address
      4. Check the email address with @email to check if this is an alt character request. If they are over their allotment, deny the request
      5. Check to see if the character is taken. You do this with either the @id command or 'laston'. If the name is already taken, reply to the player either via email (if they have lost the connection) or online and have them choose an alternate name.
      6. Create the character
      7. Add wizlog #aka information, if necessary
      8. Reply to the original character request email, sending the character name and password using the email template (see below). Send a carbon copy (i.e. CC) to request@lejardin.org. This is very important as it is used to keep records of legal age.
      9. If possible, alert the guest the reply has been sent and ask them to notify you of any difficulties.
    3. Email Template:
      This is the standard template that should be sent with every player request reply. There are two fields that must be modified before sending: 'NAME' and 'PASSWORD'. This goes without saying, but sometimes you're in a hurry: do not include the begin and end template markers.

      Welcome to Le Jardin Mystique MUCK!

      Your character 'NAME' has been created with a temporary password which is listed in the text below. Please change this on your first login to the MUCK by using the '@password' command. Enter '@password <old password>=<new password>', and this will allow you to use a password of your own choosing.

      It is the responsibility of ALL PLAYERS to be familiar with the MUCK Acceptable Use Policy. This set of rules governs the operation of the MUCK, MUCK legal issues, and acceptable player behavior; before proceeding further into the MUCK, it is strongly suggested you read these. Type 'news aup' and this will bring up the entire AUP text. Violations of the AUP will be dealt with very harshly by our Wizards. It should be noted as well that this MUCK's Wizards are the sole arbiters in any disputes among players, and any such disputes, if irresolvable between their own parties, should be brought to the Wizards' attentions. It is highly discouraged that players try to use the Wizards as a means for getting other players into trouble; eventually, we _will_ figure out what's going on, and we won't like it or you for having done so.

      The website, http://www.lejardin.org contains a wealth of information you may find quite useful. We strongly recommend visiting and exploring the site.

      Thanks for reading this far! Your character's temporary password is 'PASSWORD'. Enjoy and have fun!

      Le Jardin Mystique Wizcore

  5. Abuse of Power [top]
    1. Examples
      The abuse of any wizardly power is a serious offense. Wizards are expected in all cases to act professionally and in a manner befitting their responsibilities. The following list are some examples of abuse (again, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but should serve as a reasonable set of examples):
      1. Teleporting (yanking, et.al.) someone to you without their consent
      2. Teleporting to a character's position if they are not in a public place without their consent
      3. Preventing the use of the 'gohome' and 'home' commands or bypassing 'haven'
      4. The misuse of @boot, @newpassword
      5. All uses of the @toad command (except for the Head Wiz(zes))
      6. Using your station to intimidate, coerce, or otherwise harass another player or group of players
      7. Setting yourself Dark in order to spy or record information in an unofficial capacity
      8. Bypassing any locks for unofficial reasons
      9. Entering a private residence without the owners consent or without an official reason
      10. The use of any program to spy, record or in any other way invade the privacy of a player
      11. Setting properties on any character without their permission or for unofficial reasons
      12. Any malicious act performed on any player
      13. By breaking any of the policies set forth in the AUP and Player Policies when done for unofficial reasons
    2. Punishment
      If a wizard is found guilty of an abuse of power, the following schedule of punishments apply:
      1. In all cases, minimal punishment will be the permanent removal of the offending wizard's wizbit. This may be appealed after a period of not less than 30 days.
      2. If the abuse is moderate-severe, the player will also be @newpassworded for a period not to exceed six months
      3. If the abuse is severe, or there are several discovered instances of abuse, the wizard will be @toaded immediately and without notice
5. Considerations
  1. Extended Legal Ramifications:
    If any wizard in any way acts against the MUCK in a malicious manner that destroys data, the integrity of the player base or misrepresents the MUCK through libel or any character defamation of any member thereof, the MUCK administrators reserve the right to hold those wizard's legally responsible for all criminal and civil actions in accordance to the applicable laws of the State of California, the United States of America and the wizard’s country of origin. Any or all of the following measures may be taken in order to protect and recover from any loss or malicious act:
    1. A request to cease and desist
    2. Notification of the offending player's ISP
    3. Notification of the appropriate law enforcement
    4. Other legal action as appropriate
  2. Exceptions to This Document:
    The Head Wiz(zes) reserve the right to augment, nullify or add to any or all parts of this document for any period of time as they see fit in order to act in the best interest of the MUCK and/or its player base. Notification of changes will be made one week prior to implementation and questions and comments will be most certainly welcome at that time.

    Furthermore, any wizard may petition for changes to this or any other policy at any time. The changes will then be reviewed by the Head Wiz(zes) and an answer given to the petitioning wiz(zes) within a reasonable amount of time.

  3. Power of This Document:
    This document shall serve as a legally binding contract.

    By agreeing to remain or become a member of the wizcorps, you agree to abide by this and all policies on the MUCK. Furthermore, you acknowledge you understand the letter *and* spirit of this and all other policies of the MUCK in their entirety and without exception. Ignorance will be an unacceptable excuse in any failure to abide by this or any policy.

© 2004, All Rights Reserved