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December 13, 2002

Privacy Policy
Never, under any circumstances will your email address or any other personal information be sold or in any other way exchanged or given out to any commercial entity or any third party seeking to gain economically from such exchange, period.

Personal Information will not be shared with other users under any circumstance (don't even bother to inquire). All personal information is stored for official use only. Only wizzes have access to your email address, and that is strictly controlled.

Logs are made of all activity on the MUCK and kept for two weeks. After two weeks, the logs are systematically deleted. The purpose of these logs is to provide evidence in the case of a reported infraction. Logs are only reviewed when a complaint warrants a search (all other information is excluded). Backups of the MUCK occur at regular intervals throughout each day and are cycled once every three days. The logs as well as the MUCK backups are accessible only by the Head Wiz(zes) through an encrypted connection. Access to these files will not be allowed to anyone other than the Head Wiz(zes).

If user statistics will be used in graphs or charts, they will be done so with complete anonymity. If you wish to be excluded from such statistics, you will be given an opportunity to do so prior to the beginning of the statistical project.

The only exception to these steadfast rules of privacy regards civil and criminal authorities. Should they need access to your personal information or assistance in any way, they are likely to get it. Thus, be sure to read and understand the Acceptable Use Policy and all other policies relating to behavior and activity on this server. The server is located in the United Kingdom and all applicable laws apply to those who use this service as well as those laws and regulations for your country, state, province, and local municipalities.

Below is a list of information that is logged about you:

  • Email address (given at the time of character creation and updated once monthly)
  • Your IP address and Domain Name used to connect
  • Your ISP
  • The number of times you connect and from which IP address

For more information or questions regarding this policy, please feel free to ask a Head Wiz.


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