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December 13, 2002

Commands for the Beginner
We thought it important to point out a few things to those who may be new to MUCKcode, as well as those who may not be familiar with some of the differences between fb5.* and fb6. Either way, here are some things you'll want to do to your character, and why.

  • @lock me=me - This ensures no one can steal from you.
  • @flock me=me - This ensures only *you* can force you to do anything.
  • @set me=C - This is one change some MUCKers may not know about. Setting this flag on yourself (see help flags) will allow you to see ANSI colors, where available, on the MUCK. To turn the colors off, @set me=!C. This flag in previous editions of fuzzball was Chown_Ok even on a player, but the flag C for players is Color, and Chown_OK for all other objects.

Those are three of the most important ones. For more help on basic commands, always check the helpfiles, accessed by typing help and the FAQ. Here are some other basic commands:

  • <direction> -Move in that direction (i.e. North, South, East West, Up Down, etc.)
  • get/take <thing>; drop/throw <thing>
  • look; look <thing>; look <direction>; l <direction>
  • say <message>; "<message>
  • :<message> -Shows your name, with the message after it. Used for actions. (i.e. player Pervis types, ":laughs" (without quotes), this translates so others see, "Pervis laughs")
  • whisper <player> = <message> -Whisper only to that player, similar to the page command
  • inventory -Check your inventory
  • news -opens the news files main menu
  • @describe me = <description> -This has been deprecated for the far superior editplayer command
  • @password <oldpassword>=<newpassword> -Change password
  • page <player> -Tell player that you are looking for them
  • page <player> = <message> -Gives the player the message long-distance
  • gripe <message> -Complain to the management.
  • home -Go home, but you will lose anything you are carrying. Recommend the command gohome (below)
  • gohome -Go home, but keep everything you are carrying
  • QUIT -Quit the muck

And still a few other noteworthy commands:

  • WHO - Displays who is on.
  • 3who - Displays who is on in a 3 column format.
  • where - Displays where everyone is, unless they don't want to be found. where #help for further assistance.
  • @doing me=<text> - This sets up your Doing field, which is shown on the WHO.
  • laston <name> - Tells you the last time <name> was online.
  • watchfor <name> - Lets you watch for <name>, letting you know when they connect. You can check watchfor #help for more help. This command can be truncated to wf.

That should help get you started, if you have additional questions or needs, ask a wiz online or a member of HelpStaff.


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